Jeffrey Bowen

Jeffrey Bowen resides in Orlando Florida. He has a style & sound that he has developed that is uniquely his own.   Jeffrey has a wide vocal range, capable of changing from a Bruno Mars melodic sound, to a mean Jimi Hendrix song. He has mastered the guitar. He also plays bass, key-tar, or keyboards, and ukulele. Jeffrey currently performs at The Red Coconut Club at Universal Studios Orlando in CityWalk for millions of spectators from all over the world annually.


Jeffrey grew up in a house filled with music with his mother and father. His father, Jeffrey Bowen was a hit producer and A&R talent recruiter for Motown. Jeffrey was around motowns hottest artists including Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Rick James, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, and many more.  His respect for their hard working mentality. Long grueling hours in the studio, and show rehearsals seemed to be all worth it when they made their fans go crazy when they  played, danced, and/ or sang so effortlessly on stage. The studio setting was great, but the deciding factor that made Jeffrey choose that he was going to play the guitar and become a performer  was at his first KISS concert when he was in grade school. “I saw their cool costumes, and Ace Frehley did a screaming solo, I remember fire shooting out on the stage, it was nothing like I had ever seen, I could feel the heat. It was so loud, I could feel it on my face, my whole body shook, my heart was pounding.”  Jeffrey knew right then he wanted to be on stage performing. He began developing  himself immediately, spending all his free time practicing for hours daily, bypassing all other activities through high school. He went on his first professional nationwide tour with Bonnie Pointer, of the Pointer Sisters at the age of 19, as her lead guitarist.  Jeffrey shined on many stages in almost every major city Nationwide. Rock-in his way into fans hearts. His explosive energy, showmanship and personalableness with every audience makes him stand out from the rest. 

Jeffrey is currently a teacher at Sam Ash, plays at The Red Coconut Club at Universal Studios Orlando in CityWalk as mentioned above. He has a professional studio  where he produces and plays for original projects, including his own. One of Jeffrey’s most respected artist is Jimi Hendrix. Jeffrey is doing a tribute to Jimi Hendrix like no other. 

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